The Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy & Karl

The Energy Breakthrough, Mrs. Rude and Sir Drumsalot.  

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Homeless Bananas, Shipping Companies and Ronny's Photoshop.

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Racist Hotels, Plane Heckles and Bazza Lincoln. 

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Disco Ducks, Illegal Cacti and Art Teachers. 

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The Saharan Motor Hotel, The Five Pounder and Jarhead Auditions. 

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Border Patrol, Shirt Ironing and Xav's Inception Corner.

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Elevator Updates, Betrayal and Forgotten Bags.

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Slow Elevators, Bedroom Bills and Stolen Cars.

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Hairy Vagina 3, Wobsy's Choice and Inflight Entertainment.

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Wristy McGregor, The Secret Forces and Brunswick Artists.

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