The Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy & Karl (general)

We're back in Brisbane for the second time this year to do another sold-out show to an awesome crowd! We're joined by HARLEY BREEN, MEL BUTTLE and DILRUK JAYASINHA as we hear about some correspondence to a certain TV show, learn how to pronounce "worried", eat some spaghetti and find out what kind of pornography Karl prefers! PLUS: Rad Dad Goes Downunder! 

Don't forget, we have a bunch of huge live shows coming up: 

MELBOURNE: We're doing a huge live show with FIONA O'LOUGHLIN and LAWRENCE MOONEY! SATURDAY OCTOBER 21. Tickets here. 

PERTH: We're heading over for our annual huge Dum Dum event. SUNDAY NOVEMBER 19. Tickets here.

CANBERRA: We're doing it again. A huge live show in your city. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 25. Tickets here.

For tickets, merchandise, links to our Patreon and heaps of other stuff, head to our website:

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Comas, Bank Balances and Parody Songs. 

Recorded LIVE at the European Bier Cafe on June 18, 2017. 

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No Dansu, Shane Bourne & Multiple Skippys. 

Recorded LIVE at the Heya Bar in Brisbane on Saturday, March 18, 2017. 

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Twitter HQ, Cafe 69 and Shards Of Glass. 

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Second Hand Shirts, The Aftermath and New Policies. 

Recorded LIVE at the European Bier Cafe on Sunday March 27, 2016. 

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Gozleme, Viacom and Ronny's Underpants. 

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The National Archive, Chocolate Balls and Andy Lee's Car.

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G-Rated Goldstein, Comedy Heaven and Cracking a Bacchus. 

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Not Sitting On Couches, Guided Meditation and Dr Karl.

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Tommy's Notches, Dum Dum Homebrew and Chandler's Dance. 

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