The Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy & Karl

Lecterns, Forty Nuggets and Bicycle Billy.

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A Tribute To Karl, Poor Mr. Bean and The Dum Dum Bucks Party.

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Karl's Dying Wishes, Amnesia Fingers and Dumder. 

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Antibiotics, Power Rangers and Gorilla Weekends. 

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The Door Story Part 2, Rooting Sideways and Four Coloured Gentlemen. 

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Opening Doors, Committing Crimes and Eating Kit-Kats. 

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My Generation, Metal Spoons and Fake Dominoes. 

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Bin Forks, Mad Magazine Tours and Fat Pizza Scripts. 

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No Lights, No Sound, No Idea Who Kamahl Is. 

Recorded LIVE (barely) at the Sydney Comedy Festival, May 10, 2014. 

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Poster Competitions, Dead Elephants & Bollywood Roadshow. 

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