The Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy & Karl

Uber Parties, Getting Laid by Gary Chook and Mrs. Dellavedova

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Streaking, Road Rage and Fern Tattoos. 

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Malevolent Couches, Broken Glass and June Northern June.

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Danny's Banners, The Other Side of the Westgate and Tommy's Tattoo.  

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Not Sitting On Couches, Guided Meditation and Dr Karl.

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Booty Calls, Cheap Jordans and Getting Milan'd. 

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Yummy Karl, Demi's New Tattoo & Bart's McDonald's Lunch. 

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Seinfeld in his 20's, Chandler At Work & Ronny's Lunches

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New Sponsorship, Getting Kicked Out Of Austereo and "Bill". 

Recorded LIVE at The Joint on April 19, 2015. 

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Mr. and Mrs. Alsop, Code Brown and Rad Dad Visits Sri Lanka.

Recorded LIVE at The Joint in Melbourne on April 12, 2015. 

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