The Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy & Karl

Mikey Robbins in Byron Bay, Eric Bana's nuts and Mr. Dassalo: New Inventor. 

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Arts Supply Stores, Metrosexuals and Karl's Stolen Phone.

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Freddie Mercury, The Constabulary and Stolen Cars.

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Bucks parties, urban legends and scam artists.

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A Very Leunig New Years, Old Salty and Flayva Flav.

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Episode 10 - Luke Mcgregor

Kris Kringle, Speed dating and Autotune.

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Episode 9 - Xavier Michelides & Nick Cody

Post-office rage, Nana Knows Best and Xavier's True Crime Tales.

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Episode 8 - Celia Pacquola

The origins of "Hey mate!", Comedy gig romance and a very special Logies.

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Washing dishes, horror housemates and Perth nightlife.

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Episode 6 - Tom Ballard

Facebook feedback, Sleaze balls and 21st speeches.

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