The Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy & Karl

Heaps of Bon Jovi, Marc's Last Visit to Melbourne and Dassalo's Fine Dining.

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Recorded LIVE at the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival at Softbelly Bar. New Adventures of Sunshine Johnson, Riley's First Gig and 'Busker Du.'

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Free Bread, Danzig's House and 'My Snivelling, Spineless Worm of a Father."

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Lonely Boy Goes To Subway, The Banksy of Dickheads and Roller Derby.

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Single Ladies, Fanta and Dream Journals. 

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Episode 21 - Ryan Shelton

Fake Glasses, An Old Mate of Karl's and House Parties.

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Episode 20 - Josh Earl

Potato Cakes, Sex Partner and Obvious Lies.

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Live From Planet Earth, The Empire Grill and Logies Parties.

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Episode 18 - Eddie Perfect

Tentacle Critics, Going Out Rooting and Police Dads.

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Episode 17 - Peter Helliar

Parents Houses, Lack of Cheezels and Peter Russell's Cock.

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