The Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy & Karl

Mr. Alsop's Review, Dreamboat vs. Dreamboat and One Man Little Dum Dum Club. 


Recorded LIVE at Five Boroughs on Sunday April 13th, as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 

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Yawp, Bum Stuff and Rad Dad's Got Talent. 

Recorded LIVE at 5 Boroughs on Sunday, April 6th as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 

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Chandler's Birthday, Kinane's Wikipedia and Mooney's Fake Chinese. 

Recorded LIVE at Five Boroughs in Melbourne, March 30, 2014.

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Paul Foot's Third Dimension, Paul Foot's Fourth Dimension, Paul Foot's Assistant. 

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Joke Tours, Puppetry of the Butthole and Karl's Washing. 

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Free Mousse, Two Hundred Points and The Special Donut. 

Recorded LIVE at the Southside Tearooms in Brisbane, March 8th, 2014.



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Carpeted Toilets, Alto Saxes and Spitting. 

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Doggy Style, Head Massages and The RACV Club. 

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Rudely Interrupted, Parting The Bush and Quitting Comedy.  

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Mark42, Diddy and Crowd Surfing. 

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